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Our experience in the Caribbean indicate three common types of cancer, namely, breast, cervix and prostate as being prevalent.

In addition to treatment for these cancers in Jamaica, the Centre provides treatment for a  wide range of cancer and non-cancerous conditions including:

Brain-Nervous System
- Eye/Orbit
- Brain
- Nervous System Unspecified
- Spinal Cord
- Thyroid, Some Cases
- Craniopharyngiomas

Head and Neck
Lip, unspecified
- Tongue/Base of Tongue
- Dorsum Tongue
- Salivary Gland unspecified
- Parotid Gland
- Buccal Mucosa
- Palate
- Oropharynx
- Tonsil
- Nasopharynx
- Hypopharynx
- Pyriform Sinus

Malig Neo Access Sinus Nos
- Larynx
- Supraglottis, A-E Fold
- Trachea, Bronchi, Lung
- Mediastinum

Gastrointestinal- Abdomen
- Oesophagus
- Stomach
- Sigmoid Colon
- Anal Canal
- Gall-Bladder
- Pancreas
- Rectum

- Prostate, All Cases
- Penis
- Bladder


Benign Miscellaneous
- Graves Exophthalmos
- Keloid Scar
- Lymphangioma, Any Site
- Pituitary Tumor, All Cases
- Orbital Pseudotumour
- Salivary Gland
- Postop Dystrophic Calc

Malignant Lymphoma
- Histiocytic, Diffuse
- Lymphoblastic/Lymphocytic, Diff.
- Burkitt's Lymphoma
- Other Lymphomas
- Nodular Lymphoma
- Multiple Myeloma

Hodgkin's Disease
- Lymphocytic-Predominace
- Nodular Sclerosis
- Mixed Cellularity
- Lymphocytic Depletion

Secondary Malig Neo or Lymp
- Lung
- Mediastinum
- Pleura
- Liver

Secondary Malig Neo
Other Sites
- Kidney
- Other Urinary Organs
- Skin
- Brain/Spinal Cord

- Cervix
- Uterus
- Ovary
- Soft Tissue (Sarcoma)
- Melanoma
- Female Breast
- Male Breast
- Skin, Localised Site


Myths & Facts

Myth: Radiation will cause me to miss my daily routine

Fact: While fatigue is often common during radiation treatment, many patients can still maintain their normal daily schedule including work and school. As treatment nears the end, the fatigue may increase. That does not mean you have to give up your routine; just be sure to get the rest you need.

Myth: Radiation therapy will make me radioactive

Fact: If your treatment involves external radiation, you are not radioactive. The radiation is delivered in doses to treat the abnormal tissue and once the machine is turned off, the radiation does not linger within you. You can maintain a normal routine and go near or around anyone, including pregnant women and babies.

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