Brachytherapy in Jamaica Print

The incidence of prostate cancer in Jamaican men is said to be among the highest in the world. It is very important that male residents who are diagnosed with prostate cancer know that they have various alternatives and that they can have brachytherapy in Jamaica performed by a team at ROCJ, without traveling overseas to have the procedure done.

The first Brachytherapy case for the treatment of prostate cancer in Jamaica, took place at ROCJ in 2004. Patients who are referred to ROCJ and who are recommended for radiation treatment using brachytherapy only, must meet strict criteria. These patients must have a Gleason score of 3+3 (or 3+4) and a PSA of <10ng/ml. The volume of the prostate must be no greater than 50 c.c.

ROCJ also provides treatment for patients with prostate cancer  who require combination therapy- that is both brachytherapy and external beam radiation therapy. Combination radiotherapy is recommended for men with high-risk prostate cancer.